Age UK Islington

We’re developing a guided process and intuitive tool for non-specialist operators to use in reaching out to older people and checking on their wellbeing – so that, with reduced training requirements, we can ensure consistent and accurate assessment of the level of vulnerability of an older person, and, so that we can do this at much greater scale than has been possible previously. The ultimate goal of this, more proactive approach, is to prevent problems escalating by intervening early to contain or reduce their impact.

Age UK Islington were struggling with the paper-based system they used to manage their contacts with elderly residents in their area. Together we designed and built an application to help their volunteers prepare for and record information from these calls online. With the structured data now quickly and accurately stored in a database, they’re able to efficiently flag those that need the most help, while identifying more general trends and risk factors that will enable them to offer a better, more tailored service to residents of Islington. Features built into the system include sentiment analysis, giving a quick, automated initial overview of a callee’s situation and mood, as well as a scoring algorithm that helps Age UK to identify the most appropriate follow-up services for each caller. 

Thom Lawrence, expert connected to Age UK Islington