Hullcoin is the worlds first local community loyalty point, utilising blockchain technology to make the city of Hull a happier, healthier and wealthier place to live. Developed by Kaini Industries, find out more here.

The support we received from the Tech For Good programme wasn’t only crucial in taking the development of HullCoin from a concept to a functioning MVP, but also how we were able to develop as a tech start up with a clear social purpose. The programme took the time to get ‘under our skin’ not only in terms of what we wanted to achieve, the product we wanted to develop but us as a company and people. This resulted in us working with the service design company Snook and benefiting from the right kind of advice and guidance that enabled us to deliver an incredibly ambitious product with external, personalised support that recognised our collective strengths and weaknesses. David Shepherdson, HullCoin / Kaini Industries

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