That’s a Wrap!

Tech for Good Programme Wrap-Up Event

On the 24th July, we marked the end of the second Tech for Good programme with a public wrap-up event at the Impact Hub Westminster near Trafalgar Square. Making the most of the opportunity to have all of the support team, the funders, and the 10 projects in the same room, we split the day into three parts. Firstly, a morning session for the support team, followed by an afternoon workshop with all of the projects, and finally  a public showcase in the evening.

The support team along with staff from Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation met first to share learning and reflections. We also discussed possible tweaks and improvements if the programme were to run again (we very much hope it will!).

In the afternoon, we held a workshop with all of the Tech for Good projects. This was a chance for everyone to reflect on how they found the programme, what did and didn’t worked for them, and what could have been done differently. Finally, we also discussed what support projects needed in moving on beyond this funding period.

Evening Showcase

The evening was a reception with an audience of around 100 people, who came to hear the 10 teams talk about their projects, what they’d learnt over the four months (lots!), and what their next steps might be. The teams had 10 minutes each in which to give a short presentation, and take a couple of questions about their work. Audience members were able to submit questions via Twitter – using Slido these were collated (using their hashtag) and displayed as they appeared. Teams then had a couple of minutes to run through some of the questions at the end of their slot.

The presentations were great! Most teams went for PowerPoint slideshows, though Ed from Bristol Braille didn’t use slides at all, instead showing the audience the latest prototype of the Braille e-reader. Harry Harrold from Neon Tribe (working with Alexandra Rose) braved a live demo, which worked seamlessly.

Summary Video